Fruit Chews

Nice Fruit Chews are our grown-up version of our favorite childhood candy. You know the one- fruity, chewy and "burst"ing with flavor. Only our chews are made with real fruit and nothing artificial. Available in seasonal flavors like Peach and 

Pomegranate, along with classics like Strawberry and Grape, our chews are for the discerning consumer who doesn't want to compromise on taste or effect.


Hard Candy

The thing we've heard time and time again is that in general, medicated hard candy just doesn't taste very good. We decided to rise to that challenge and create a hard candy that not only delivers on effect but that tastes greats, too!  

What creates a better tasting candy? Better ingredients! We use real fruit & herbs, cane sugar and natural extracts to create a variety of delicious and fun flavors. Nice Hard Candy are a discreet, 

convenient and consistent way to relax and unwind, as well as being an ideal replacement for anti-inflammatories and pain medications. 


Nice Lollipops are made with the same delicious ingredients as our hard candy, and available in a bunch of tasty flavors like Blackberry, Blueberry, Rose & Manuka Honey and Peach-Lavender. They just might be the best tasting lollipop you've ever had! Throw one in your bag for an evening out or take one on your next outdoor adventure. Wherever life takes you you're sure to have a great experience  with a Nice Lollipop!




Our Dark Chocolate Patties are pure bliss! Made with only 4 organic ingredients, these babies are a decadent treat you will surely feel good about eating. Available in Peppermint, Raspberry or Orange, there's a flavor for everyone!

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